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Waste policy review

Meeting: 15/06/2017 - Cabinet (Item 5)

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To consider the head of corporate strategy’s report. 

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Cabinet considered the report of the chief executive that sought approval of a revised waste collection policy.  This included the new clear sacks policy and some legislative changes. 


David Turner addressed Cabinet, asking why households with fewer than five occupants could not have an extra food caddy if they were prepared to pay for it.  He asked why biodegradable food bags were not acceptable, and he asked why churches had a competitive advantage over village halls when it came to paying for waste collection. 


In response to Mr Turner’s questions, the officer reported that the council wished to retain ownership of the waste bins.  The anabolic digester could not deal with biodegradable bags tied in knots; this outlined a need for further education for residents.  The recharging of churches and village halls for waste collection was set out in legislation but officers could review charging where premises were used for events. 


The changes to the policy included allowing households with five or more residents to automatically qualify for an additional free food waste caddy as an incentive to encourage more food waste recycling.  Officers reported that requests for additional food waste bins would be dealt with on a case by case basis.  Cabinet supported the policy set out in appendix 1 to the report but considered that residents should be charged for the cost of delivering an additional food caddy. 


Cabinet also asked officers to keep recycling performance under review and to consider any actions to increase it. 


RESOLVED: to approve the new waste collection policy attached as appendix 1 to the chief executive’s report, subject to adding that residents will be charged for the cost of delivering an additional food waste caddy.