Oxfordshire Growth Board Scrutiny Panel
Thursday, 30 May 2019 6.30 pm

Venue: Old Library, Oxford Town Hall, OX1 1BX

Contact: Kevin Jacob, Growth Board Democratic Services Officer 01235 422191  Email:

No. Item


Election of Chair of the Scrutiny Panel for 2019/2020

Purpose: To elect a Chairman of the Scrutiny Panel for the 2019/2020 council year.


Election of Vice-Chair of the Scrutiny Panel for 2019/2020

Purpose: To elect a Vice-Chair of the Panel of the Panel for the 2019/2020 council year.


Apologies for absence and substitutes; declarations of interest; Chair's announcements


Minutes of the previous meeting pdf icon PDF 150 KB

Recommendation: To approve the minutes of the previous meeting held on 21 March 2019, (attached).


Public participation

The terms of reference of the Panel state:


Members of the public may address meetings of the Scrutiny Panel, where notice is given to the secretariat no later than 4.00pm on the last working day before the day of the meeting.


The Chair will have discretion to manage the public participation procedure as they see appropriate, including rejecting frivolous, defamatory or offensive questions and managing the time afforded to public addresses.


Notice of a wish to address the meeting, including the subject of the address or the full question to be asked, must be sent to by 4.00pm on Wednesday 29 May 2019.


The Chair’s decision will be final.



Introduction to the work of the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, (OxLEP) as part of the Growth Board pdf icon PDF 2 MB

Purpose: To receive a presentation from Nigel Tipple, Chief Executive of the OxLEP on its work as part of the Growth Board.


Oxfordshire's Affordable Housing Potential - secured through planning policy pdf icon PDF 129 KB

Purpose: The Panel its March meeting requested an update for the projected rates of Growth Deal affordable housing. (To follow).


Recommendation: To consider and discuss the update.

Additional documents:


Oxfordshire Green Belt Update pdf icon PDF 3 MB

Purpose: To consider the update to the map of the Green Belt as requested at its March meeting to include sites already developed or allocated.


Recommendation: To discuss the updated map.


Growth Deal Infrastructure Programme pdf icon PDF 505 KB

Purpose: To introduce the Scrutiny Panel to the Growth Deal Infrastructure Workstream and consider how to address some of the key issues in building a successful programme.

Additional documents:


Response to Scrutiny Panel request in relation to air quality and climate change in the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 pdf icon PDF 67 KB

Purpose: To report the response to the Scrutiny Panel’s request in relation to air quality and climate change in the Oxfordshire Plan 2050.


Recommendation: To considered and discuss the report.


Growth Board response to Growth Board Scrutiny Panel recommendations - March 2019 Meeting pdf icon PDF 86 KB


Purpose: To consider the Growth Board’s response to the recommendations to the Board from the Scrutiny Panel meeting on 21 March 2019.


Information:  response attached


Recommendation: To discuss and note the response.



Oxfordshire Growth Board Papers 4 June 2019


Purpose: To consider reports and matters on the agenda for the Oxfordshire Growth Board meeting on 4 June 2019.


Information: Agenda and reports published on 24 May 2019. Separately from this Agenda.


Recommendations: To make any recommendations or comments to the Growth Board.



Work Programme for the Scrutiny Panel - May 2019 pdf icon PDF 91 KB

Purpose: To discuss the draft work programme for the Panel submitted for consideration by the Panel’s scrutiny officer. 


Information: Work programme (attached)


Recommendation: To agree the draft work programme as set out and to note that other relevant items may be added to agendas at the request of officers or the Chair.



Dates of meetings

Purpose: To note the dates for meetings of this Panel:


Scrutiny Panel

Growth Board

Thurs 25 July 6.30pm

Tues 30 July 2pm

Thurs 19 Sept 6.30pm

Tues 24 Sept 2pm

Thurs 21 Nov 6.30pm

Tues 26 Nov 2pm

Thurs 23 Jan 6.30pm

Tues 28 Jan 2pm

Thurs 26 March 6.30pm

Tues 31 March 2pm

Thurs 28 May 6.30pm

Tues 2 June 2pm


Meetings of the scrutiny panel to be held in Oxford Town Hall.