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General Licensing Committee

This page lists the meetings for General Licensing Committee.


Information about General Licensing Committee

General Licensing Committee is responsible for determining issues relating to licensing and registration.


It is responsible for the licensing policy for hackney carriage and private hire vehicles. A three-member sub-committee considers individual cases under the council’s taxi licensing policy.


It is also responsible for policies on contaminated land, air quality, health and safety, street trading consents, street naming.


It does not deal with licensing under the Licensing Act 2003 or the Gambling Act 2005. The Licensing Acts committee deals with these licences.


Attending a meeting


You can speak or ask questions about items on the agenda. To be allowed to speak, you must register with democratic services by 5pm on the last working day before the meeting. Please contact democratic services for more information before registering.


You can observe most business at public meetings.  On occasion, the committee may consider items on the agenda without the public present.  When this happens you cannot watch the business taking place.  The agenda for the meeting will indicate if and when the public cannot observe the business.




Information on all of the council's committees and procedures are contained in the Constitution.