Agenda item

P21/S1458/FUL - Wayside, Stert Road, Chinnor

Demolition of existing three bedroom detached dwelling house and outbuildings; construction of new private self-contained seven bedroom dwelling house with landscaping (as amended to reduce the scale of the development and revise the layout).


The committee considered application P21/S1458/FUL for the demolition of an existing three bedroom detached dwelling house and outbuildings; construction of new private self-contained seven-bedroom dwelling house, with landscaping (as amended to reduce the scale of the development and revise the layout) at Wayside, Stert Road, Chinnor.


Consultations, representations, policy and guidance, and the site’s planning history were detailed in the officer’s report, which formed part of the agenda pack for the meeting.


The planning officer reported that the plot was at present occupied by a detached two storey dwelling and several outbuildings to its side and rear.  The site was located within the settlement of Kingston Stert and was not subject to any special designations, such as being in an area of outstanding natural beauty, for example.  However, the rear part of the site was located within Flood Zone 3. The proposal was to have a single detached dwelling following the removal of all buildings on the site.  Amendments to the application had reduced the original proposal in height and scale and had moved the footprint forward to respect the existing building line.


The planning officer also reported that a tree survey and tree constraints plan had been submitted in support of the application, which demonstrated that the development could be carried out without detriment to the adjacent trees, which contributed positively to the character of the area.  Tree roots would be avoided in the construction of the development. The committee noted paragraph 6.15 of the report, which stated that in response to the countryside officer’s initial comments, a stage 1 ecological assessment had been carried out and had found evidence of bats roosting at the site.  The assessment outlined proposals to mitigate and compensate for the loss of the bat roost, including the installation of bat boxes. The development had been entered into the Great Crested Newt (GCN) district licence scheme to address the risk of impacts to GCN.


Mr. Haakon Gittens, acting for the agent and architect, spoke in support of the application.  A statement from Mr. Gittens had been sent to the committee by the democratic services officer prior to the meeting.


In response to a question from the committee regarding the requirement in the application for a seemingly high number of bathrooms, Mr. Gittens responded that the client specifically wished to have ensuite facilities in every bedroom. In response to a further question regarding the necessity of a lift, Mr. Gittens responded that this was an indispensable requirement, as one of the intended occupants had mobility issues.


The committee concluded that the development would be acceptable, and should therefore receive planning permission, with the addition of a condition specifying that external lighting would only be permitted in accordance with a lighting scheme submitted to, and approved in writing, by the council prior to the first occupation of the development.


A motion moved and seconded, to grant planning permission was declared carried on being put to the vote.



RESOLVED: to grant planning permission for application P21/S1458/FUL subject to the following conditions (including the addition of a condition in respect of a lighting scheme):


1.       Commencement of development within three years.

2.       Development in accordance with the approved plans.

3.       A schedule of external facing materials to be agreed.

4.       A soft and hard landscaping scheme to be agreed.

5.       Tree protection details to be agreed.

6.       Surface water drainage details to be agreed.

7.       Foul water drainage details to be agreed.

8.       Development in accordance with bat mitigation plan.

9.       Development in accordance with requirements of the district Great Crested Newt (GCN) licence.

10.      No development to take place until a certificate confirming all GCN. compensation measures has been submitted.

11.      Demolition of existing buildings prior to occupation of dwelling.

12.      Energy statement to be agreed.

13.      Electric vehicle charging point to be installed.

14.      Closure of existing access.

15.      Parking and turning to be carried out in accordance with the approved           plans.

16.      Windows at first and second floor level in north west and south east to           be obscure glazed or at least 1.7m above internal floor area.

17.      Withdrawal of permitted development for Class A extensions.

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