Agenda item

Public participation

To receive any questions or statements from members of the public that have registered to speak. 


The chairman advised that a number of members of the public had registered to address Council on agenda item 7 – Local Plan publication version (2034). Council agreed to extend the public speaking time to allow each member of the public who had registered to speak three minutes to make their address.


Council received addresses from eighteen members of the public.


  • Bev Hindle, on behalf of Oxfordshire County Council, spoke in support of the Local Plan proposals. 
  • Mr Harris, on behalf of Horspath Parish Council, urged Council to remove the housing allocation at Northfields from the Local Plan. No exceptional reasons existed to remove the land from the Green Belt. Future housing would lead to urban sprawl with an increase in noise and light pollution.   
  • Professor Richard Harding, on behalf of the Campaign to Protect Rural England, believed none of the strategic housing sites were required in the Local Plan as the current plan provided adequate housing numbers. The proposed housing numbers would lead to a huge influx of people damaging the countryside and services. He expressed doubt that the proposed housing numbers would be achieved which could impact on the ability of the district council to control planning in the future.
  • Gill Bindoff urged Council to change the Local Plan’s emphasis to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and require carbon neutral buildings and schemes to provide low carbon renewable energy. 
  • Robin Bennett, on behalf of The Green Party, expressed concern that the Local Plan is not sustainable and, if passed, would have a detrimental impact on the Green Belt, farming land and the countryside. He doubted that it would be possible to achieve the housing targets set out in the plan which was produced to meet the requirements of the Growth Deal. He urged Council to agree a new plan with a reduced number of houses to protect the environment. 
  • Leigh Rawlins, of Sonning Common Parish Council, expressed the view that the number of houses proposed was too great, that the proposed density was too high and would lead to increased land values, that the plan offered no protection to the edge of existing settlements and the number of proposed houses was not deliverable.
  • Ann Pritchard, on behalf of Chalgrove Parish Council, welcomed the lower priority given to Chalgrove Airfield but urged Council to remove it from the list of housing allocation sites in the Local Plan. 
  • Paul Boone spoke on behalf of the Chalgrove Airfield Action Group.  He stated that Martin Baker was not prepared to relinquish its lease on the site, that other more deliverable sites existed, that Homes England had not costed the cost of the compulsory purchase order route and has misrepresented the deliverability of the site. 
  • Caroline Baird, a Culham resident, asked Council to remove Culham from the list of housing allocation sites in the Local Plan. The proposals will impact on the existing insufficient infrastructure, destroy the Green Belt and rural life.
  • Steven Sensecall spoke on behalf of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) and the Commercial Estates Group (CEG) to support the Local Plan proposals, including those to allocate land for housing at Culham. 
  • Samantha Casey-Rerhaye spoke on behalf of Culham Parish Council and expressed the view that any new homes in Culham will add to the existing infrastructure problems. The planned infrastructure may solve the current problems but not those generated by additional housing. The projected employment growth at UKAEA was over optimistic as was the any hope for increased capacity for the railway line serving Culham Station. 
  • Tim Bearder, County Councillor for the Wheatley Division, urged Council to consider the negative impact of the proposals in the plan on the Green Belt.
  • Robert Gardner spoke on behalf of Oxford Brookes University to support the Local Plan proposals, in particular allocating land for housing at the university’s Wheatley Campus. 
  • Robert Barter, Chairman of Holton Parish Council, spoke on behalf of Holton Parish Council in support of the housing allocation site at Oxford Brookes University’s Wheatley Campus but expressing concern at the site’s removal from the Green Belt.  He believed that the new homes should be on the eastern part of the site. 
  • Ginette Camps-Walsh, on behalf of Beckley and Stowood Parish Council, spoke against the Local Plan, the planned urban sprawl of Oxford, and the proposed inclusion of land in Elsfield parish as a housing allocation site. 
  • David Polgreen, on behalf of Stanton St John Parish Council, spoke against the detrimental impact of the proposals on the countryside, landscape, wildlife sites and the Green Belt in general due to urban sprawl. The lack of public transport provision would increase traffic and the use of ‘rat runs’.
  • Ann Henman, a resident of Beckley and Stowood Parish Council, spoke in objection to land within the Green Belt being allocated for housing rather than housing being provided in Oxford. 
  • Chris Wright, Chairman of Garsington Parish Council, expressed concern at the perceived lack of public consultation, the impact of the plan on the Green Belt, and the potential for the merging of small villages with Oxford