Committee details


Purpose of committee

Full Council is responsible for approving the council's overall budget and policy framework.


All councillors are members of Council.


Attending a meeting


You can speak to Council or ask questions about items on the agenda. To be allowed to speak, you must register with democratic services by 5pm on the last working day before the meeting. Please contact democratic services for more information before registering.


The public can observe most business at public meetings.  You can watch a meeting online.


On occasion, the committee may consider items on the agenda without the public present.  When this happens you cannot watch the business taking place.  The agenda for the meeting will indicate if and when the public cannot observe the business.




Besides full council meetings and meetings of the cabinet, the council has a number of committees that have different responsibilities and decision-making or advisory powers. 




Information on all of the council's committees and procedures are contained in the Constitution.



Contact information

Support officer: Steven Corrigan. Democratic Services Manager

Phone: 01235 422526