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Car park fees and charges

22/02/2022 - Car park fees and charges

Cabinet considered the head of development and corporate landlord’s report on the annual review of car parking fees and charges.  The Cabinet member with responsibility for car parks reported that the proposals set out three options to increase fees and charges.  This would increase income, with the intention of covering the council’s car park costs.  The review had identified the following options:

A.         increase all fees (for up to two hours and above) by at least 40 pence

B.         extend the parking charge period from 9am-5pm to 8am-6pm Monday to Saturday (except Goldsmiths Lane car park in Wallingford)

C.         review season tickets (permits)

D.         no increase to the fees and charges


The Cabinet member dismissed the option of not increasing fees and charges as this would not allow the council to cover its costs.  Instead, the Cabinet member recommended options A, B and C to Cabinet for implementation on 1 April 2022. 


Cabinet agreed with the proposal as this would allow the council to cover its costs and help manage its finances.  It was also fairer, as the cost of providing car parks should not be subsidised.  Cabinet considered that council tax payers without cars should not have to subsidise drivers using the council’s car parks. 




(a)    agree to amend the car parking fees in line with options A, B and C, as set out in paragraphs 14 to 26 of the head of development and corporate landlord’s report to Cabinet on 3 February 2022; 


(b)    authorise the head of legal and democratic to prepare and publish any relevant documents under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984; and


(c)    authorise the head of development and corporate landlord to oversee necessary communications and consultations and report back to Cabinet if required.