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Climate Local - update on actions

14/05/2014 - Oxfordshire Environment Partnership commitments and future working

Following on from the decisions of the Oxfordshire Waste Partnership, the Environment Partnership convened.


The partnership considered a report setting out current commitments and options for the format of future joint working.


Councillors agreed to retain the joint commitment to implement the actions in the agreed Joint Municipal Waste Strategy and to transfer oversight of these to the environment partnership.


They noted the need for a new agreement between the six partner authorities to formalise the partnership’s remit and operation.


They suggested that a new name might be appropriate to reflect the change in status and remit of the Environment Partnership.


They noted that arrangements would be put in place to review the current Climate Local commitments and send the final report to the Local Government Association in August 2014.


They noted the successful completion of the Ardley energy from waste site and requested an opportunity to visit the site.


The partnership noted that under the waste partnership agreement, the chairmanship of the partnership (and consequently the environment partnership) would have moved to Vale of White Horse District Council at the annual meeting. The partnership agreed that Mr Reg Waite be elected chairman of the Oxfordshire Environment Partnership with immediate effect.




·          that the six local authorities continue to work together in partnership to reduce waste and carbon dioxide emissions;

·          that the waste commitments drawn from the Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy be included within the Environment Partnership remit;

·          that the Environment Partnership meet at least every six months;

·          that Councillor Waite take over the chairmanship of the Environment Partnership from the close of this meeting;

·          that a new name should be agreed for the Partnership to reflect the change in status and remit of the Environment Partnership

·          to thank David Dodds for his chairmanship since June 2012;

·          that the next meeting of the Environment Partnership is 24 October 2014 in the council offices at Crowmarsh unless otherwise notified.