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Statement of community involvement

24/07/2017 - Statement of community involvement

Cabinet considered the head of planning’s report, which proposed the adoption of a revised statement of community involvement in the planning service.  The draft statement had been subject to a statutory consultation process and had received support.  The report set out the changes made to the draft as a result of the consultation. 


Cabinet considered that the previous statement, dated 2006, was out of date and should be replaced by the 2017 draft appended to the report.  This would help streamline the planning process and help applicants and residents. 




(a)     adopt the Statement of Community Involvement April 2017, as set out in appendix 1 of the head of planning’s report; and


(b)     authorise the head of planning in consultation with the Cabinet member for planning policy to make any minor changes, typographical corrections or non-material amendments to the Statement of Community Involvement prior to formal publication.