Meeting attendance

Monday, 13 July 2020 6.30 pm, Joint Audit and Governance Committee

Venue:   This will be a virtual, online meeting.

Contact:    Steve Culliford, Democratic Services

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance
Mocky Khan Co-Chair Present
Simon Howell Co-Chair Present
Peter Dragonetti Committee Member Present
George Levy Committee Member Present
Jane Murphy Committee Member Apologies, sent representative Substituted by Alan Thompson
Eric de la Harpe Committee Member Present
Amos Duveen Committee Member Present
Andy Foulsham Committee Member Apologies, sent representative Substituted by Alison Jenner
Alan Thompson Substitute Present as substitute
Alison Jenner Substitute Present as substitute
Andrew Crawford Guest Present
Debby Hallett Guest Present
Andrea Powell Guest Present
Leigh Rawlins Guest Present
Kevin Suter Guest Present
Steve Culliford Officer Present
Yvonne Cutler-Greaves Officer Present
Victoria Dorman-Smith Officer Present
David Fairall Officer Present
Emily Hamerton Officer Present
Simon Hewings Officer Present
Allison Holliday Officer Present
Paul Howden Officer Present
Suzanne Malcolm Officer Present
Catrin Mathias Officer Present
Adrianna Partridge Officer Present
Richard Spraggett Officer Present
Ken Trotter Officer Present
Sally Truman Officer Present
Simon Turner Officer Present
Donna Worrell Officer Present