The below table summarises the key changes made to the old policy prior to the consultation exercise. The section numbers refer to the proposed new policy.





Added paragraph and further detail on social responsibility and local risk assessments. This is to assist applicants when making applications.


New section on locality and the licensing objectives including what factors the licensing authority will take into account when applications are received.


Added some additional detail to each of the different premises sections, including our expectations of what applicants should consider. Also included further detail in 6.5 – 6.10 in relation to council expectations on separation and access to gambling premises to assist applicants.

7.6 - 7.9

Added details of conditions set out in law, the mandatory and default conditions and the councils new ‘pool of conditions’ to assist applicants with their applications.


New section on small society lotteries. This was not included in the previous policy and gives detail on what these lotteries are and links to relevant guidance for people considering running one.


Information provided about Occasional Use Notices as this was not included in the previous policy

Annex 1

Updated to add some details of additional processes for clarity and amending the level for one item so that officers can cancel club gaming and club machine permits as is generally due to a failure to pay the annual fee and officers are required to do this without referral to a Panel


Removed annexes with details of consultees which will be published separately with the consultation report and responsible authorities which are already published on our websites


Removed annexes with gaming machine category and provision details as these are available separately and may be subject to change


The below changes made to sections 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 are changes that are required by legislation. These changes were not part of the consultation and are included below for information only.


Added detail to confirm the duties for the licensing authorities under the Act to publish a policy, state the geographic area it applies to and approach of the authority. This is a requirement of the legislation.


Added detail in the paragraph on the matters and documents the licensing authorities will take into account when carrying out gambling functions. This is a requirement of the legislation.


Added paragraph on the licensing objectives, fundamental to the role of licensing authorities. This is a requirement of the legislation.