Climate and Ecological Emergencies Advisory Committee


HELD at 6.00 pm on Monday 7 June 2021


The recording can be watched here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiHK9jvhhsM&t=7s



Councillors (committee members): Sam Casey-Rerhaye (chair), Sue Cooper, Stefan
Gawrysiak, Kate Gregory, Lynn Lloyd, Caroline Newton, Andrea Powell, Leigh Rawlins,
Sue Roberts, David Rouane, Andrea Warren (sub), Celia Wilson.

Harry Barrington-Mountford, Andy Egan, Elizabeth Kingdom, Suzanne Malcolm, Candida
Mckelvey, Heather Saunders, Chris Traill and Michelle Wells

Nick Mariner and Kath Daly, on behalf of Chilterns Conservation Board



106     Chair's announcements


General comments on committee remit.




107     Apologies for absence


Cllr Jane Murphy sent apologies. Cllr Andrea Warren attended as substitute.




108     Declarations of interest






109     Urgent business






110     Public participation






111     Chilterns Conservation Board


CEEAC members were presented to by Chilterns Conservation Board. The committee members found the presentation and pamphlet illuminating and were impressed by the work done to engage and support farmers, and the creation of networks/clusters.

CCB are working on helping to prepare farmers for environmental land management scheme. CCB wish to seek strengthened support from district councils.





112     River Thames Champion


Cllr Jo Robb presented to the committee members on setting up a World River Day celebration, to share all the good work happening and all the results of networking so far. There was a long list of contributors that could be involved. A clean-up day was suggested.


Bathing water quality status was being applied for in Wallingford. District to support Town Council, but it’s the Town Council’s application.

Real-time information on sewage release into rivers was wanted.


There is a Thames Valley River Network – a group of councillors who have met, with a set of guiding principles. Working towards an end to sewage release, working with Thames Water.


Cllr Robb will keep the committee updated on the clean-up day, and she suggested the committee members could undertake investigation into building regulations and planning, and the connection of water companies. What can we implement in the design guide and joint local plan?


Councillors were agreed that there were issues with the infrastructure not being able to handle demands of new housing and climate changes.

It was suggested that more people need to draw attention to the problems of overflowing sewage and overburden of the system. Do we meet with Thames Water?

It was concurred that the Thames Champion was needed and worthwhile.




113     The Development of South Oxfordshire Tree Policy


A strategic policy on planting on council owned land.


In summary




114     Task and finish group update


Retrofitting update – Cosy Homes and OxLEP- useful sessions had. Oxford Brookes, Aspire, and Abingdon and Witney College will be presenting to the group shortly.

DEFRA Task and finish group – 5 environment principles of the environment bill – our response went in by 2nd June.  We gave constructive feedback on improving the guidance. Suggested an equity principle and a restoration principle. Committee members saw the submitted response. Some felt strongly that the principles had been diluted from the environment bill.

Closed 20.21







The meeting closed at 20.21




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