Recommendations and updates from other committees

to Cabinet on 10 March 2022


Below are updates from other committees to the Cabinet meeting on Thursday 10 March. 



Scrutiny Committee


The committee met on 7 February to discuss the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 and the quarter 2 performance monitoring report. 


1.         Oxfordshire Plan 2050

(i)        the committee noted

·                the summary results from the recent regulation 18 (part 2) consultation;

·                the revised scope of the Oxfordshire Plan, with clarification over its relationship to city and district Local Plans and supporting evidence base;

·                the next steps of the Oxfordshire Plan process;

(ii)       the committeeresolved to recommend the following to Cabinet:

·                recommend the adoption of the revised Statement of Community Involvement, subject to approval at the cabinets of the five Oxfordshire councils; and

(iii)      the committee added on a further recommendation to the Cabinet member for Planning to obtain greater clarity about the nature of the consultation responses to uncover any potential conflicts of interest and to respond to the committee’s concerns in writing.


2.         Quarter 2 corporate plan performance monitoring report – The Scrutiny Committee noted the Q2 performance monitoring report. 








Democratic Services

10 March 2022