22/23 draft budget


Matt Whitney







The purpose of this paper is to provide LNP Board members with an update on the financial position of the LNP, and a proposed budget for the rest of this financial year.



The Board is asked to:



-       Approve the proposed budget, or suggest amendments

-       Note expenditure to date




The LNP Manager post has been funded by the Local Authorities of Oxfordshire. This gives the LNP not only a Manager but access to additional resource from administrative and communications staff housed within the same team. As well as funding and housing this position, a budget of £13,000 has been made available to the LNP. This was initially conceived as £7,000 for publicity, promotion and events, and £6,000 for other expenses.


The LNP Manager proposes breaking this £13,000 down into smaller chunks, not only to provide the LNP Manager with a framework within which to plan expenditure, but also to allow the LNP Board greater understanding and oversight of how this money will be used. It is anticipated that a budget update will be brought to every LNP Board meeting.


The LNP Board is asked to approve this draft budget (or suggest amendments) and note expenditure to date.