Recommendations and updates from other committees

to Cabinet on 10 August 2023



Joint Audit and Governance Committee


The committee met on 4 July to consider the annual report on the operation of the code of conduct, the annual report from internal audit, and the review of internal audit’s activity in the first quarter of this financial year.  No recommendations have been made to Cabinet. 



Joint Scrutiny Committee


The committee met on 10 July to discuss the Integrated Care Strategy.  The committee invited a representative of the Integrated Care Board to the meeting, who gave a presentation and answered members’ questions.  A positive discussion ensued, after which the Board’s representative was thanked for his attendance and input.  No recommendations were made to Cabinet. 



Scrutiny Committee


The committee met on 7 August to discuss grant funding affordable housing.  The committee discussed the report and draft revised policy in detail and has

recommended to Cabinet the following changes to the Affordable Housing Section 106 Commuted Sums Grant Policy:

1.         That under point 4, the first item on the list (‘delivers affordable housing’) be removed as it is duplicated with the last item (‘Delivers affordable housing in perpetuity’)

2.         That point 7 include reference to the fact that existing dwellings can be included with the category of acquisition.

3.         That in the scoring matrix under point 13, an additional point be included under the ‘Scheme features’ heading titled, ‘Geographic link to source’. This will detail how close the proposed dwelling is from the application that delivered the S106 funds.

4.         That point 19 be reworded to say that, “… The Key payment stages are up to five milestone”.

5.         In addition, the committee agreed that point 13 of the officer report, about at what level of funds the application window would be suspended, should be reduced from the proposed amount of £250,000 to £50,000.



Democratic Services

10 August 2023