LNP Manager Update


Matt Whitney








The paper provides an overview of the work of the LNP Manager since September.




Actions for the Board:




-       Consider dependencies between your work and that presented here.

-       Consider what support could be provided to LNP Manager in his endeavours

-       Suggest specific projects or funding related to these actions which could further the aims of the LNP




Strategic advocacy


1)    Responded to West Oxfordshire and Cherwell’s Local Plans

2)    Ensured inclusion of natural environment and rural economy in OxLEP’s Strategic Economic Plan (SEP)


Nature Finance


1)    Ensured nature finance will be prominent in the Green Finance Conference being led by Oxfordshire County Council and Oxford Brookes University.

2)    Participated in Oxford University Sustainable Finance Group’s workshop

3)    Attended EKN nature finance conference in London

4)    Convened national nature finance community of practice

5)    Attended WENP nature finance conference at Triodos Bank in Bristol

6)    Conversations with Helen Avery (GFI), Andy Slaney (EA), Rich Fitton (Finance Earth)


Cross-border working


1)    Supporting design and establishment of Wiltshire LNP

2)    Attended AGM of the South East Nature Partnership, and continue to lead their nature finance work

3)    Continue to engage with OxCam Pan Regional Partnership

4)    Presented on green infrastructure to the Institution of Environmental Sciences

5)    Presented on green finance to Masters students at Gloucestershire University



Biodiversity Net Gain


1)    Led workshop with planners and ecologists from all Oxfordshire’s local authorities, supporting their implementation of OLNP’s 9 guiding principles on BNG

2)    Supported dissemination of joint Leverhulme/OLNP BNG report across UK

3)    Attended BNG workshop with North East Cotswold Farmer Cluster




1)    Recruitment of new starters

2)    Supported completion of website!