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P22/S1297/FUL - Land at The Byre Mackney Lane, Brightwell cum Sotwell

Erection of an agricultural building and associated works (As amplified by email and accompanying information received 26 May 202 and amended by revised floor plan).


The committee considered application P22/S1297/FUL for the erection of an agricultural building and associated works (As amplified by email and accompanying information received 26 May 202 and amended by revised floor plan).


Consultations, representations, policy and guidance, and the site’s planning history were detailed in the officer’s report, which formed part of the agenda pack for the meeting.


The planning officer introduced the report and explained that the application was brought to the committee due to the objection from the local parish council. The application site sat between Brightwell-cum-Sotwell to the north, and Mackney to the south. The demolished building that was removed for the current application was described as not being of a comparative size and could not have provided the space required for the applicant’s intended use of the new agricultural building.  The committee were told that the council had sought the professional advice of Reading Agricultural Services in relation to whether there was a need for the building, and the recommendation was that the size was appropriate and there was a valid agricultural need. Subject to conditions, the planning officer confirmed that the application was acceptable and therefore recommended for approval.


Councillor Celia Collett, a representative of Brightwell-cum-Sotwell Parish Council, spoke in objection to the application. The committee asked the speaker whether this application fell under a local neighbourhood development plan conflict. The speaker confirmed that work was still underway on these plans, and that the parish had been proactive in supporting businesses and other local development, but that this objection was down to the specific site that was being applied for development.


Ms Sara Tucker, the agent, spoke in support of the application. The speaker was asked why this parcel of land had been chose for the application, to which the speaker explained that the site would be the main area for livestock, and this parcel would become the centre of livestock production. A second question was asked by the committee on waste and drainage from the barn, to which the speaker clarified that animals would be given straw bedding, and manure and urine would be absorbed or spread in accordance with the legal requirements. The speaker also confirmed that they were aware of a surface water condition which was already proposed.


Councillor Anne-Marie Simpson, local ward member, spoke in objection to the application.


The planning officer was asked whether a condition could be tied to the current applicant requiring the building to be demolished should ownership of the site change. The planning officer confirmed that condition six could be modified to incorporate this request. The committee discussed the importance that the proposed agricultural building fit appropriately in its design to the local area, and requested confirmation from the planning officers on whether a condition requiring a dark coloured timber for construction was possible. The planning officer confirmed that this request could be added as a condition and factored into the existing fifth planning condition.


A motion moved and seconded, to grant planning permission was declared carried on being put to the vote.


RESOLVED: to grant planning permission to application P22/S1297/FUL subject to the following conditions:

Standard Conditions

1.     Commencement three years – Full Planning Permission

2.     Approved plans

Pre-commencement conditions

3.     Surface Water Drainage

4.     Biodiversity mitigation and enhancement strategy

Compliance conditions

5.     Materials as on plan and for the agricultural building to be constructed using dark timber materials

6.     Agricultural use only and as specified in the planning application

7.     No external lighting on the eastern elevation


Supporting documents: