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Roadside Refuse Bins on Church Road, Sandford-on-Thames

We the undersigned petition the council to We need SODC to: Amend their contract with Biffa to cover these two bins on Church Road, Sandford-on-Thames Agree with the Parish Council how this will be paid for.

We, the undersigned, are frustrated by SODC’s inability or unwillingness to respond to our frequent requests to sort out the problems with the waste bins on Church Road. The bins are used by visitors to the River Thames and are filled with used barbeques, takeaway food containers, household rubbish from the boats moored on the river, and, predominantly, dog poo. Most of the rubbish is generated by people living outside the Parish.
The bins are unsightly, smelly and a serious health hazard; they attract rats and foxes; their contents are frequently scattered over the footpath and surrounding area. They are only 100 yards or so from the pub/restaurant behind the hedge in the second picture.
As we understand it, the Parish Council replaced the small bins, which were often over full, with larger bins to try to stop them overflowing. It appears that they did not realise that this might create a worse problem, as now Biffa will not empty the larger bins, claiming that they are not covered by their contract with the Council.
Several of us have written to the Council, Biffa, SODC Councillors, our MP and the Parish Council, but the problem remains after months of correspondence. A major difficulty arises because it is not possible to write directly to a Council Officer responsible for the contract with Biffa. Biffa simply respond, “These bins are not covered by our contract."
We obviously need someone to talk to the Council Officer who commissions the work, not the contractor who provides it (or doesn’t), but we have not been able to contact them. I understand that the Parish is willing to contribute to the cost of emptying the bins as they have done in the past. The present arrangement is plainly unacceptable.

This ePetition ran from 08/10/2023 to 19/11/2023 and has now finished.

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