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The Baldons Neighbourhood Plan

Meeting: 09/10/2018 - Cabinet (Item 44)

44 The Baldons Neighbourhood Plan pdf icon PDF 137 KB

To consider the head of planning’s report. 


Cabinet considered the head of planning’s report on The Baldons Neighbourhood Plan.  The report sought Cabinet’s recommendation to Council to make the plan part of the council’s development plan.


Cabinet noted that the plan was compatible with the current European Union obligations and complied with the Habitats Regulation Assessment.  The plan would conserve and enhance the rural character of the villages and identified infill housing sites. 


The referendum, held on 4 October 2018, had resulted in 90 per cent support for the neighbourhood plan.  Therefore, the Cabinet member for planning recommended that Cabinet supported a recommendation to Council to make the neighbourhood plan part of this council’s development plan.  Cabinet supported the recommendation. 


RECOMMENDED to Council to: 


(a)      make The Baldons Neighbourhood Development Plan so that it continues to be part of this council’s development plan; and


(b)      authorise the head of planning, in agreement with the Qualifying Body, to correct any spelling, grammatical, typographical or factual errors, together with any improvements from a presentational perspective.