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Risk management

Meeting: 26/01/2021 - Joint Audit and Governance Committee (Item 48)

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To consider the interim head of corporate services’ report. 

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The committee considered the interim head of corporate services’ report, which reviewed the corporate risk register as part of the committee’s bi-annual monitoring.  The report highlighted the highest risks, including those arising from Covid-19 and the risks surrounding the delivery of the corporate plan. 


The appendix set out the risks in detail and the mitigation to lessen their impact.  Some risks had been reduced but the committee noted that some risks would never be removed completely.  For example, the committee discussed the cyber security risk and noted actions taken to mitigate this.  The committee also noted the actions being taken to promote staff wellbeing. 


RESOLVED: to note the half yearly progress review of the corporate risk registers as outlined in the risk management strategy.