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New car park order

Meeting: 11/08/2022 - Cabinet (Item 20)

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To consider the head of development and corporate landlord’s report. 

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The leader had re-connected to his IT and therefore chaired this item. 


Cabinet considered the head of development and corporate landlord’s report.  This set out the results of public consultation exercise and proposed a new car park order and policy.  On behalf of the Cabinet member for finance and corporate assets, the leader presented this item. 


The leader welcomed the report and praised officers for the work that had been put into developing the new car park order and policy.  This brought the council’s car park order and policy up to date to support the civil parking enforcement introduced in November 2021.  It also brought the council into line with most councils in the country and would make the car parking service more efficient and transparent for the public. 


Cabinet noted that the only objection to the car park order was to parking fees, an issue that was not related to civil parking enforcement but could be considered later in the year when Cabinet reviewed its fees and charges.  Cabinet supported this approach. 


Cabinet welcomed the new car park orders and policy.  The new policy brought together existing and updated policy elements to set out how the council delivered its parking service. 


The report also proposed that the council joined PATROL, the Parking and Traffic Regulations Outside London Adjudication Joint Committee, as a member.  This committee enabled all councils with car park orders to carry out civil enforcement of parking contraventions and to exercise their legal functions.  Cabinet supported the council becoming a member of the PATROL joint committee and noted that the leader intended to appoint Councillor George Levy as the member and Councillor Sue Cooper as the substitute member to this committee.  Cabinet noted that these appointments were decisions to be made by the leader. 




(a)        agree the making of a new 2022 car park order, having considered the comments made during the consultation period;


(b)       authorise the head of legal and democratic to make the new order and to determine the date it comes into effect;


(c)        adopt the new Parking Policy, as set out in Appendix C to the head of development and regeneration’s report to Cabinet on 11 August 2022;


(d)       agree to South Oxfordshire District Council joining PATROL (Parking and Traffic Regulations Outside London) Adjudication Joint Committee as a member;


(e)    request the leader to appoint a Cabinet member to represent South Oxfordshire District Council on the PATROL Adjudication Joint Committee for the remainder of this council until May 2023; and


(f)     request the leader to appoint a Cabinet member as the named substitute in respect of the appointment under (e) above.