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Active communities' strategy

Meeting: 11/08/2022 - Cabinet (Item 19)

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To consider the head of policy and programmes’ report. 

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Cabinet considered the head of policy and programmes’ report on a new active communities strategy. 


The Cabinet member for community wellbeing reported that the strategy had six key aims to:

§  enable everyone to be active

§  create healthier communities through walking and cycling

§  maximise the potential of our natural environment

§  build the skills base of our communities

§  provide effective communication, promotion and consultation

§  provide collaborative partnerships and funding advice


A delivery plan would be brought to Cabinet later in the year. 


The Scrutiny Committee had welcomed the strategy and had made suggestions for improvements, which had been included in the policy proposed to Cabinet. 


Cabinet welcomed the strategy as it provided opportunities to increase the general health of residents, both physical and mental health.  Rather than provide leisure facilities in every location, which the council could not afford, the strategy encouraged the use of the district’s natural and community assets.  This creative approach used existing green spaces and gave more choice. 


RESOLVED: to approve the Active Communities Strategy, as set out in Appendix 1 to the head of policy and programmes’ report to Cabinet on 11 August 2022.