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Car park fees and charges

Meeting: 03/12/2015 - Cabinet (Item 37)

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To consider the report of the head of economy, leisure and property. 


Cabinet considered the report of the head of HR, IT and technical services.  The report reviewed car parking fees and charges and invited Cabinet to consider whether any changes should be made in 2016/17. 


Cabinet considered the options: to increase the fees and charges or keep them at the current level.  Cabinet also considered whether the council should offer incentives to drivers of zero emission vehicles by reducing parking charges and providing electric charging points. 


The Cabinet member with responsibility for car parks believed that as the council’s car park fees and charges had not increased since 2007, it was now appropriate to increase them by a modest amount of 10 or 20 pence, as set out in appendix 3 to the report.  The charges would remain competitive with neighbouring councils.  He also recommended that the council should introduce electric charging points, one each in Wallingford and Henley, and that the council should offer free parking at the charging point for zero emission vehicles or chargeable hybrid vehicles.  Cabinet agreed with this view. 




(a)          increase the car park fees from 1 April 2016 by a modest 10 or 20 pence, as shown in appendix 3 to the head of HR, IT and technical services’ report to Cabinet on 3 December 2015; and


(b)          make available two spaces in car parks to charge electric vehicles, one in Wallingford and one in Henley, and that there is no charge for vehicles whilst they are charging.