Issue - decisions

Abbey Sports Centre, Berinsfield

24/11/2022 - Abbey Sports Centre, Berinsfield

To allow the Head of Development and Corporate Landlord authority to permit Officers to award contract for a main contractor to deliver the refurbishment of the wet side changing rooms at Abbey Sports Centre, Berinsfield.


Following consultation with the Cabinet member for community wellbeing, to award the, a Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) contract to carry out the full replacement of the swimming pool hall lights at the White Horse Leisure and Tennis Centre (WHLTC).


There was a total of 14 expressions of interests, which resulted in 4 actual submissions. The Invitation to Tender (including detailed Employers Requirements) was broadcast on the South East Business Portal.


Following, clear and transparent evaluation of all compliant submissions, Officers are recommending that EW Beard Ltd trading as Beard have been identified as the most suitable contractor through full evaluation of all tenders, to carry out the required refurbishment of the male and female wet side changing facilities, and that they should be appointed based on their providing the best and most advantageous tender, priced at £134,750.93.