Issue - decisions

Riverside campsite, Wallingford

03/01/2023 - Riverside campsite, Wallingford

1.       To allow Officers to award a Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT Contract) to Focus Washrooms as the Main Contractor, for the refurbishment of the Campsite Washrooms at the Riverside Park in Wallingford, South Oxfordshire.


2.       Following clear and transparent evaluation of all compliant submissions, Officers are recommending that Focus Washrooms who have been identified as the most suitable contractor through full evaluation of all submitted tenders, to carry out the required refurbishment of the washroom facilities, and that they should be appointed based on their providing the best value for money and most advantageous tender, priced at £99,773.74.


3.       The tender sums of £99,773.74 for the Main Contractor and £6,750 for the Project Manager combined, equal £106,523.74 - which sits comfortably within the total available budget of £150,000 


4.       There was a total of 10 expressions of interests for these works, 5 opted out, which resulted in 5 actual submissions. The Invitation to Tender was broadcast on the South-East Business Portal in adherence to our Contract Procedure Rules (CPR’s).