Issue - decisions

Joint Local Plan

05/12/2022 - Joint Local Plan

To appoint Land Use Consultants (LUC) to produce a suite of landscape evidence to support the preparation of the Joint South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse Local Plan 2041, consisting of:

         Dark Skies/Light Impact Assessment (new)

         Tranquillity Assessment (new)

         Landscape Character Assessment (review and update)

         Valued Landscapes Assessment (new)

         Landscape Sensitivity Assessment: Renewable energy development (new)

         Landscape Capacity Assessment: Edge of towns, service centres and larger villages (review and update)

         Green Belt Review (review and update/new) *


*The Green Belt Review has two elements:

i)        An update of the 2015 Oxford Green Belt Study to take account of the Green Belt parcels removed in South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse since that study was completed. This review should also draw upon information identified in the Landscape Character Assessment and other council studies to summarise what beneficial uses the Green Belt could be put to.

ii)        Consider whether exceptional circumstances exist to add areas of land to the Green Belt.