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Integrated Care Strategy

16/08/2023 - Integrated care strategy

Councillor David Rouane declared an interest in this item as he was the Oxfordshire district councils’ appointed representative on the Integrated Care Partnership, which had developed the strategy.  He remained in the meeting during consideration of this item. 


Cabinet considered the head of policy and programmes’ report.  This recommended the endorsement of an Integrated Care Strategy.  The report explained that the Integrated Care Board was the new National Health Service (NHS) body that received funds from NHS England and planned and bought services for West Berkshire, Oxfordshire, and Buckinghamshire.  The Health and Care Act 2022 set out new statutory requirements for the Integrated Care Board, one of which was to produce an Integrated Care Strategy. 


The strategy had been developed by the Integrated Care Partnership, which consisted of health and care partners across Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, and Berkshire West.  The strategy set out priorities to support improved health and wellbeing across the area.  The vision was for residents to have the best possible start in life, to live happier, healthier lives for longer, and to get the right support when they needed it.  To achieve the vision, the partnership had developed the Integrated Care Strategy, which proposed a common set of priorities that partners would work on together.  The strategy had been subject to consultation.  Cabinet was asked to endorse it. 


Cabinet supported the endorsement of the strategy, believing it to be an important step towards the integration of local health and care services.  The strategy would release funding for these services as new housing was delivered.  Members also pointed to the positive climate implications of endorsing the strategy.  The integration of health and care services would hopefully result in more local services being available, thereby reducing the need to travel.  Cabinet looked forward to seeing the action plan to implement the strategy. 


RESOLVED: to endorse the Integrated Care Strategy, as set out in appendix 1 to the head of policy and programmes’ report to Cabinet on 22 June 2023.